On twitter, you asked for me to post a happy and silly video! It sounds like you needed this episode as much as I did. I hope my new series, Things That Make Me Happy, feeds your soul so you have more energy to get out there and make the world better.


Here is a list of things that are currently making me happy. Watch the video above for more stories about these plus cute drawings and cheery background music!

  1. Hot Cocoa! My hot beverage of choice. My stepbrother got me this spicy hot chocolate for Christmas and I love it. Also, it’s non-dairy friendly if you melt it in coconut or soy milk!
  2. Making art for people. I’ve been drawing family portraits as gifts lately and the reactions make all of the hard work totally worth it.
  3. Big, fluffy snowflakes. The kind that float through the air.
  4. Sleep! Oh, how I missed sleep.
  5. Playing Pokémon Go while out on walks and Pokemon Moon once my son goes to sleep.
  6. Instant photos. Something about them is just so cute! I recently have been using the Instax SHARE smartphone printer because I like taking photos digitally but I can still print them out on actual instant film. Best of both worlds!
  7. The relatively new illustrated editions of the Harry Potter books are absolutely beautiful. We have Sorceror’s Stone and Chamber of Secrets since those are the only ones they’ve released so far and I’m holding off on a true read-through until my son can enjoy them with me.
  8. Supporting handmade artists! Last year, I put some beautiful handmade work on my Christmas list and I absolutely adore the bunny plush by Commonfolke, Hogwarts painting by Anne Lambelet, and sunset painting by Loish which I showed in the video above.
  9. The fact that I can share the things I make with all of you. Thank you for being so kind and thoughtful in the comments and for supporting my content!

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