Since I started posting online, I’ve had a different username on every social media platform. Keeping track of these can definitely be confusing and difficult, so I’d been meaning to streamline my whole web presence for too long.

So finally, I’m excited to announce that my new username is @laurenfairwx! You can now follow that account on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram (plus the occasional Snapchat).

I want to thank my friend Lisa for coming up with this unique and simple way to abbreviate my full name, which is too long for twitter usernames. WX is a common abbreviation (and morse code) for “weather”.

Over the coming months, I’ll be building up my social media content in a handful of different ways! Make sure that you’re following them for news updates, behind the scenes goodies, and more fun stuff related to my youtube channel and music. You can also follow my etsy-specific account, @shopfairweatherfriends on Instagram, for lots of adorable handmade plushies in your feed!

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