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This may be one of the best songs in all of Wizard Rock, though It’s Real for Us is a very close second. It brings back all the warm and tingly feelings associated with Hogwarts. You know a song is good when it makes you cry the first time you hear it.


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About The Prince’s Tale

My Harry Potter-inspired concept album, The Prince’s Tale, is a heartfelt acoustic collection of songs that tell the story of Snape’s pensieve memories alternating between his perspective and Lily’s perspective. It starts with Snape’s first memory of seeing Lily in “Maybe”, switches to Lily’s moment of finding out about Hogwarts for the first time in “It’s Real for Us”, and continues in that pattern until the final song, “Harry”, which is from Snape’s perspective.

Back when I read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows for the first time, I felt like this chapter was pulling the entire series together for me. I made a note to write a song about it when I had more songwriting experience, but when I revisited it years later, I knew that I had to write an entire album.

This chapter really tore me apart for numerous reasons, but more than anything I felt that it was tugging me in two different directions. I empathized with Snape’s pain and loneliness at the time, but I also saw myself in Lily: her ability to see the good in anyone, her insistence upon maintaining a friendship even as they grew apart, and finally her strength in cutting ties with someone who became a toxic presence in her life. For that reason, I wanted to investigate the emotions from both sides through my music.

I took almost six months to reread the chapter and outline it so I could figure out which memories to focus on and how to split them into songs. During the process of recording them, I recruited friends of mine to play additional instruments beyond what I could play myself, including Brian Ross on upright bass and Matt Maggiacomo on drums. Marybeth Schroeder brought young Snape’s hopeful melancholy to life with her wandering clarinet melodies while Bradley Mehlenbacher added a cheerful banjo to Lily’s songs.

I hope that you enjoy this album and that it adds to your experience of reading (or rereading) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.



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