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About Lauren

I’m a 23-year-old musician/YouTube partner/nerd from Woonsocket, RI. Ever since I was a little kid and I figured out that singing was the best thing ever, I’ve wanted to be that girl with the guitar who writes songs and makes people smile. I couldn’t really gather up the motivation to teach myself instruments and learn how to write music alone until about two years after forming my wizard rock band, The Moaning Myrtles, and now that I have, I can’t stop.

Now that I’ve graduated from college, I’m touring full-time. I’ve played shows all across the United States and a few places in Canada over the past five years and I love it. I’m still learning, and I don’t try to make it appear otherwise, so I think that adds a certain charm to my performances. If anything, I’ve inspired a handful of stubborn and easily distracted people like me to pick up an instrument and learn a few chords.

For the past few years, I’ve been documenting pretty much everything about my life and putting it on YouTube. Most of my musical efforts end up on my devilishlypure channel before I get a chance to record and release them, so that’s the best place to catch my new stuff before I put it out on a CD. I’ve also been a member of the well-known collaboration channel fiveawesomegirls since 2008.

What kinds of guitars and ukuleles do you own?
Guitars: Takamine EG561C Acoustic-Electric, Ibanez Artcore AF75 Green Electric Hollowbody, Ibanez IJSB90 Electric Bass, Breedlove Acoustic Bass.

Ukuleles: Mitchell MU100 (Concert), Green Makala Dolphin (Soprano), Ohana SK-35G (Soprano), Kala All Solid Lacewood Tenor Cutaway w/ Pickup, Fluke Custom (Concert).

What do you use to record and edit your videos?
Currently, a Sony Handycam HDR-CX150. In the past, I’ve used a Canon Rebel T1i, Sony Bloggie CM5, Canon Powershot, and a JVC Everio Hard Disk Camcorder (the latter of which, I lost at Infinitus 2010 at the Royal Pacific in Orlando, FL). I started out editing on Windows Movie Maker, used PowerDirector Express for a while because it came with my JVC camcorder, then switched to iMovie once I got my MacBook Pro.

When are you going to finally play a show outside of the continental US and Canada?
As a rule, I can’t play shows in places I can’t afford to even get to. Doesn’t mean I don’t want to, or that I wouldn’t play if I could do it without losing my house and my ability to tour ever again. If you could find a way to get me there, find a venue that would host the show, and give me a place to stay… let me know.

Why did you choose Moaning Myrtle for your wizard rock band’s perspective?
Myrtle was not a particularly easy choice because she does not appear too often in the books, but we decided that the whining bathroom ghost would be exactly what we needed. In the books, she makes really random appearances that often take you by surprise. Nobody expected her to be spying on Harry in the bathtub in The Goblet of Fire, and her friendship with Draco in The Half-Blood Prince was absolutely ridiculous. We thought she’d be the most fun to play around with because, while she’s usually pretty emo, she’s unintentionally hilarious and is great comic relief despite how depressed she is. Which, of course, provides lots of room for us to joke around in the lyrics.

When are you playing in [insert city here] again?
If it’s not listed on the shows page, then I either don’t know or I haven’t confirmed the details yet. One way that you can help to make sure I play a show near you soon is to book one yourself! If you own a venue, know someone who owns a venue, or are willing to find a venue that would like to host a wizard rock show in your area, email me at to see if we can work something out!

Do you have a size chart for your t-shirts?
They are Gildan Adult Unisex shirts, and there is a size chart here.

How did you teach yourself to play guitar?
I looked up chords to songs I liked with Google, and then looked up how to play them here:

Unicorns or Zombies? Pirates or Ninjas? John or Hank?
Seriously? You’re making me choose? I’m like, the most indecisive person ever.

How did you get to be so awesome?
Ask my mom.

Where do you get inspiration for your awesome songs?
I write songs about things I like, things I don’t like, and things that happen to me. Books inspire me quite a bit as well.

What did you study in college and what are you planning to do with your degree?
I graduated from college in May 2010 with a Bachelor’s in Psychology (click here to read my research on YouTube and Identity) and I’m now a full-time touring wizard rocker.

Who is your favorite Harry Potter character?
Snape. Luna is a close second.

Can I do a cover of one of your songs on youtube if I give you credit of course?
Yes! I’d love if you could link to my personal youtube channel in the video description as well. You are also welcome to use my music (and monetize it if you’re a partner) in your videos as long as you link my channel and credit me in the video description.

How did you create your awesome layout on your website?
I designed it and created all of the graphics, and my friend Sara Melnick worked super hard to code the whole thing and get it working. I also had lots of help with coding from Kyle Barr! This seems like as good a time as any to thank Richard Grooms for helping me get this website up as well. Couldn’t have done it without you guys!

Who did that adorable cartoon drawing of you on your blog page?
I commissioned it from chocowaffle on Tumblr. You can commission her to draw something for you too! 😀