I’ve been making DIY tutorials for a while now and a whole bunch of them are Harry Potter inspired! Because it’s that time of year again and everyone’s looking out for gift ideas, I curated a list of my favorite projects that would make excellent presents for Harry Potter fans. Here’s a video where you can see all 12 projects and hear some of my thoughts on each one!

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So here’s the fun part – learning how to make your favorites! Here are all of the craft tutorials I mentioned in this video; one for each of the 12 days of Christmas. They’re all in a playlist right here and you can click each individual title to go to that specific video.

1. Patronus Christmas Ornaments

These ornaments are super cute and they can be customized to feature any animal patronus! Mine’s an aardvark… leave a comment telling me what your patronus is!

2. Weasley Sweater

DIY Custom Weasley Sweater

This is one of my favorites because I personally failed at trying to knit a full Weasley sweater from scratch. With my method, you can alter an existing sweater by stitching the letter onto it!

3. Harry Potter Cards

These were originally intended to be Valentine’s Day cards, but I think they’ll work well for any holiday, Christmas included! And they’re pretty easy to make as well.

4. Hogwarts Desk Organizer

Upcycled Hogwarts Desk Organizer

If you can believe it, this Hogwarts desk organizer was made out of cereal boxes and paint. It’s still one of my favorite things I’ve ever made!

5. Golden Snitch Hair Clip

Embroider this pretty felt hair clip with sparkly thread and sequins!

6. Dirigible Plum Earrings

DIY Luna's Dirigible Plum Earrings

Luna Lovegood is my favorite character, so I made these cute dirigible plum earrings just like the ones she wears.

7. Monster Book of Monsters Plush

I designed a cuter version of the monster book from the series!

8. Pygmy Puff Plushie

They’re so fluffy and soft! You can make them in any color you’d like.

9. Niffler Plushie

This little guy from Fantastic Beasts has a tiny pocket for carrying shiny things!

10. Bowtruckle Plushie

DIY Bowtruckle Fantastic Beasts Plushie

Probably my favorite plushie I’ve ever designed. I can’t get over how cute these leafy little pals are.

11. Hogwarts Letter Purse

Hogwarts Letter Envelope Purse DIY

For anyone who never got their Hogwarts letter and wants to carry one like a purse. You could even print out a Hogwarts letter and hide it inside for an extra surprise!

12. Giant Time Turner Decoration

While trying to make a normal-sized time turner, I realized that it would be more fun to make it huge and use it like a big hanging decoration! It “turned” out really great.

I’d love to hear which of these projects was your favorite in the comments below or on social media! Tag me @laurenfairwx on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. And if you like Pinterest, here’s a graphic you can use to share and save these projects to your pinboards!

12 DIY Gift ideas for harry potter fans

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