It’s time for another episode of the Wake Up Date, my morning-themed monthly update show! Watch the latest episode to see what I’ve been up to. I also opened some owl post gifts you sent to my PO Box and gave shout-outs to some of my Patreon supporters!


Here are this month’s announcements:

  • I’m guest hosting on HGTV Handmade this week! As of today, two of the DIY tutorials I made for them have gone live and one more will be up tomorrow!
  • fiveawesomegirls is back, this time on instagram! I’ll be posting a photo every Tuesday on @whytodayisawesome and it’s been wonderful getting to see what Kristina, Hayley, Kayley and Liane have been up to every week.
  • The MISTI-Con wizard rock festival is now selling tickets just for that event if you aren’t going to the whole conference! Check the Shows page to see all of the events I have coming up!
  • Wolf and penguin plushies are back in stock at my etsy shop! I only made a few of each, but there were a bunch of comments asking for them in one of my recent videos so I made time to put them together! 

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