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Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions I’m asked most often. If you’d like to ask me another one or read some more questions you guys have asked me, scroll down to the bottom of this page or click here!

What kinds of guitars and ukuleles do you own?
Guitars: Takamine EG561C Acoustic-Electric, Mitchell MX400 Acoustic-Electric, Ibanez Artcore AF75 Green Electric Hollowbody, Ibanez IJSB90 Electric Bass, Breedlove Acoustic Bass.

Ukuleles: Mitchell MU100 (Concert), Green Makala Dolphin (Soprano), Ohana SK-35G (Soprano), Kala All Solid Lacewood Tenor Cutaway w/ Pickup, Fluke Custom (Concert).

What do you use to record and edit your videos?
Currently, a Sony NEX 3n. I edit with Final Cut Pro X.

When are you playing in [insert city here] again?
If it’s not listed on the shows page, then I either don’t have a show booked there or I haven’t confirmed the details yet. You should consider following me on Facebook and Twitter so you make sure you don’t miss it when I do announce a show near you! One way that you can help to make sure I play a show near you soon is to book one yourself! If you own a venue or are able to find a venue that would like to host a wizard rock show, email me at to see if we can work something out!

When will you have [insert plushie here] back in stock?
It takes me a while to make my plushies because I make them all by hand myself and I have to balance that with all of my other creative endeavors. They also tend to sell out quickly. If you’d like, send me an email or an etsy conversation asking and I’ll 1) get a better idea of which out of stock designs people are waiting for and 2) send you a message back when they’re available so you can be first in line!

Do you sell the plushies in your YouTube tutorials (pygmy puffs, monster books, quaffles, etc)?
Not usually. I designed these specifically so I could teach you guys how to make them on my YouTube channel, so I don’t sell them online. I did this because I don’t give away the patterns or instructions for the plushies I sell in my etsy shop. However, due to popular demand, I sometimes make a few to sell at my concerts and other special events. I’m also considering doing a limited release of some of these online, so make sure to follow me on social media and subscribe to me on youtube so you don’t miss the opportunity if you’re hoping to buy one.

Can I do a cover of one of your songs on youtube if I give you credit?
Yes! I’d love if you could link to my youtube channel, in the video description as well. You are also welcome to use my music (and monetize it if you’re a partner) in your videos as long as you credit me.

Can I mail you something? Do you have a PO Box?
Lauren Fairweather, PO Box 3521, Cranston, RI 02910

How did you create the awesome layout on your website?
I designed it and created all of the graphics in Adobe Illustrator, and my friend Kyle coded the whole thing. Richard Grooms provided hosting, and I use WordPress.