I’ve always wanted to make my own custom Weasley sweater with my initial on it, inspired by the ones Molly makes for her loved ones in the Harry Potter books. Unfortunately, while I did figure out how to knit house scarves and other simpler knitting patterns, full sweaters really intimidate me.

DIY Custom Weasley Sweater

Thankfully, I figured out a much easier way that involves customizing an existing plain sweater (dubbed a “muggle sweater”) so I was finally able to get my Weasley sweater! This can be a little tricky depending on the sweater you choose as a base (and the letter you want to stitch onto it), but it’s definitely less expensive, less time-consuming, and less difficult than knitting a whole sweater from scratch!

Here’s the video showing you how I made my cozy personalized Weasley sweater:

Materials you need to make this:
1. A solid-colored sweater with the simplest knit stitch pattern you can find. I got mine at American Eagle a long time ago so I’m not sure if they still have ones like it in stores.
2. Yarn in a coordinating color
3. A tapestry needle with an eye big enough to thread your yarn.
4. A chart of the letter you want to stitch on your sweater (you can make this on your computer like I did or draw one out with paper and a pencil – feel free to look up letter knitting charts online if you’re having trouble making your own)
5. Scissors
6. A ruler (optional)
7. A pencil or pen

If you need one, here’s a regular duplicate stitch tutorial, intended for use with stockinette fabric (this would have been easier but I couldn’t find a stockinette stitch sweater to customize).

Make sure to send me pictures of your finished Weasley sweaters! I’d love to see them. Post them to your social media with #laurenfairweather! And, as always, if you love this tutorial, please share it with your friends who love Harry Potter. Here’s a sample tweet, but feel free to put it into your own words.

Also, if you’re as into Pinterest as much as I am, pin this graphic I designed! That way, you can remember to come back and make this project when you find the perfect sweater to alter.

DIY Weasley Sweater Tutorial

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