The first episode of my newest video series just launched! It’s called ‘What’s Your Whimsy?’ and it’s an interview show where I chat with my guests about their biggest hobby, obsession, or enthusiasm. This idea gives me an opportunity to hear what my fellow creators are most excited about! For me, there’s something wonderful about hearing someone talk about their greatest passions in life.

For this video, I got to hear all about Bullet Journaling from Jennifer Bates of Sea Lemon! She has a wonderful DIY channel on YouTube and I’ve been watching her creative videos for years now. Here’s the episode!


Bullet Journaling is especially interesting to me because I get very easily deterred from using traditional planners. Since my creative work-from-home productivity style is relatively nontraditional, I end up skipping days or even weeks. Once there are empty pages in my printed planners, I get frustrated and stop using them. With bullet journaling, that isn’t an issue because they start with a blank page and you’re encouraged to design your setup as you go!

I had a lot of fun to collaborating with Jennifer in person, especially since we made a pair of videos together a few years back – only from opposite sides of the United States! We also filmed a video for her channel where she took me to her favorite fabric store in Phoenix, SAS Fabrics, and showed you everything we bought. You can watch that one here!

For inspiration and more information on bullet journaling, you can visit the official website at and check the #bulletjournal and #bujo hashtags on instagram!

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I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below or on social media (tag me @laurenfairwx on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook)! Do you bullet journal? And who would you like to see in a future episode of What’s Your Whimsy?

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