How to Make 12 DIY Holiday Gifts for Harry Potter Fans!

I’ve been making DIY tutorials for a while now and a whole bunch of them are Harry Potter inspired! Because it’s that time of year again and everyone’s looking out for gift ideas, I curated a list of my favorite projects that would make excellent presents for Harry Potter fans. Here’s a video where you can see all 12 projects and hear some of my thoughts on each one!

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So here’s the fun part – learning how to make your favorites! Here are all of the craft tutorials I mentioned in this video; one for each of the 12 days of Christmas. They’re all in a playlist right here and you can click each individual title to go to that specific video.

1. Patronus Christmas Ornaments

These ornaments are super cute and they can be customized to feature any animal patronus! Mine’s an aardvark… leave a comment telling me what your patronus is!

2. Weasley Sweater

DIY Custom Weasley Sweater

This is one of my favorites because I personally failed at trying to knit a full Weasley sweater from scratch. With my method, you can alter an existing sweater by stitching the letter onto it!

3. Harry Potter Cards

These were originally intended to be Valentine’s Day cards, but I think they’ll work well for any holiday, Christmas included! And they’re pretty easy to make as well.

4. Hogwarts Desk Organizer

Upcycled Hogwarts Desk Organizer

If you can believe it, this Hogwarts desk organizer was made out of cereal boxes and paint. It’s still one of my favorite things I’ve ever made!

5. Golden Snitch Hair Clip

Embroider this pretty felt hair clip with sparkly thread and sequins!

6. Dirigible Plum Earrings

DIY Luna's Dirigible Plum Earrings

Luna Lovegood is my favorite character, so I made these cute dirigible plum earrings just like the ones she wears.

7. Monster Book of Monsters Plush

I designed a cuter version of the monster book from the series!

8. Pygmy Puff Plushie

They’re so fluffy and soft! You can make them in any color you’d like.

9. Niffler Plushie

This little guy from Fantastic Beasts has a tiny pocket for carrying shiny things!

10. Bowtruckle Plushie

DIY Bowtruckle Fantastic Beasts Plushie

Probably my favorite plushie I’ve ever designed. I can’t get over how cute these leafy little pals are.

11. Hogwarts Letter Purse

Hogwarts Letter Envelope Purse DIY

For anyone who never got their Hogwarts letter and wants to carry one like a purse. You could even print out a Hogwarts letter and hide it inside for an extra surprise!

12. Giant Time Turner Decoration

While trying to make a normal-sized time turner, I realized that it would be more fun to make it huge and use it like a big hanging decoration! It “turned” out really great.

I’d love to hear which of these projects was your favorite in the comments below or on social media! Tag me @laurenfairwx on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. And if you like Pinterest, here’s a graphic you can use to share and save these projects to your pinboards!

12 DIY Gift ideas for harry potter fans

Moaning Myrtles Reunion Shows & New T-Shirt!

Exciting news! My first wizard rock band, The Moaning Myrtles, will be reuniting for three holiday-themed wizard rock shows this month. It’s been seven years since our last official show as a duo and we’re so excited to dust off our old songs for The Yule Ball! Just in case you aren’t following me on social media (@laurenfairwx on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram), here is everything you need to know.

December 15, 2017 in Washington D.C. 
The Black Cat, 6pm
Tickets | Facebook Event

December 16, 2017 in Brooklyn, NY 
The Bell House, 5pm
Tickets | Facebook Event

December 17, 2017 in Cambridge, MA 
The Middle East Downstairs, 5pm
Tickets | Facebook Event

All ages, $20, featuring Harry and the Potters, The Moaning Myrtles & Lauren Fairweather, Potter Puppet Pals, Draco and the Malfoys, and Kwikspell. Get your tickets ahead of time, since they usually sell out!

I also designed a hand-lettered Moaning Myrtles t-shirt, which will be available online only for a limited time. We won’t have these at the concerts, so buy one now if you want one! They’re available in several different styles including hoodies, which is great! You can snag yours here.

If you want to brush up on our lyrics, download our music, check out our new bandcamp page where you can stream all of our Moaning Myrtles albums! I hope to see you there if you live near DC, NYC, or Boston! Check the shows page for more of my upcoming events.

DIY Constellation Embroidery Tote Bag

Lately, I’ve been coming up with ideas for ways to add cute embroidered details to various items I already own. I love that I can make something feel less plain and give it a little more style and personality!

Today, I wanted to show you how I stitched this constellation embroidery design onto a solid gray tote bag. Here’s my DIY tutorial video with the instructions!

This project could make a wonderful personalized gift – you could choose a friend’s zodiac sign, vary the colors, and since it’s just an embroidery design, it would look lovely on just about anything that’s made out of solid-colored fabric.  read more…

Starting a Traveler’s Notebook (plus JetPens Haul!)

Recently, I’ve been obsessing over the idea of starting a Traveler’s Notebook as a way to stay creative, document my everyday life, and brainstorm new ideas for things to work on. I started off by making my own notebook refill using printer paper, a scrapbook paper cover, and a quick push through my sewing machine to bind it. That way, I could test out the size and format before I spent any money!

In my latest video blog, I talked about my thought process and shared some of the supplies I got to start off my new journals. My hope is that if you’re thinking about getting your own Traveler’s Notebook, maybe this will help you to get started! There’s so much information out there and products to choose from and it can definitely be overwhelming.

For my initial setup, I’ll be using blank paper refills for my everyday journal and work ideas notebook. I also added a kraft paper refill for my travel journal and a sketch paper refill to practice drawing.

I’m already finding that having such a portable and customizable place to write will help me to organize my creative energy! And the possibilities are limitless with this system, so I can adjust it to work better for me whenever I need to.

Lauren Fairweather with her new Traveler's Notebook cover, made by Webster's Pages.

read more…

HGTV and fiveawesomegirls! | Wake Up Date #28

It’s time for another episode of the Wake Up Date, my morning-themed monthly update show! Watch the latest episode to see what I’ve been up to. I also opened some owl post gifts you sent to my PO Box and gave shout-outs to some of my Patreon supporters!


Here are this month’s announcements:

  • I’m guest hosting on HGTV Handmade this week! As of today, two of the DIY tutorials I made for them have gone live and one more will be up tomorrow!
  • fiveawesomegirls is back, this time on instagram! I’ll be posting a photo every Tuesday on @whytodayisawesome and it’s been wonderful getting to see what Kristina, Hayley, Kayley and Liane have been up to every week.
  • The MISTI-Con wizard rock festival is now selling tickets just for that event if you aren’t going to the whole conference! Check the Shows page to see all of the events I have coming up!
  • Wolf and penguin plushies are back in stock at my etsy shop! I only made a few of each, but there were a bunch of comments asking for them in one of my recent videos so I made time to put them together! 

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Making Cloth Napkins on HGTV Handmade

This week, I’m appearing as a guest host on HGTV Handmade! I’ll be teaching you how to make three DIY projects I designed specifically for their YouTube channel over the course of the week and I’m so excited for you to see what I’ve been working on.

First up is a tutorial for totally customizable and reversible cloth napkins! I’d been meaning to start using eco-friendly cloth napkins so I don’t throw away as many paper products, but I’ve never really liked the designs that are available on store-bought cloth napkins. And since I am far more motivated to use things that make me happy and reflect my style, I decided to make my own!


For this project, you’re only limited by the patterns and colors of fabric you can find. There are so many designs out there, and you can even buy cotton fabrics like the cotton mint and gold triangles and black cotton with gold anchors that I used to make mine. And while they’re quicker to make with a sewing machine like I did, you can stitch them by hand as long as you can sew in a straight line! I recommend backstitch.

Sewing a set of DIY cloth napkins

You can also make these for any holidays you celebrate and change them up with the seasons! Which colors and patterns will you choose for your handmade cloth napkins?

I have two HGTV Handmade tutorials to post this week, so make sure to subscribe to their YouTube channel! And if you make these napkins yourself, feel free to post photos of them on social media using #hgtvhandmade and tag me @laurenfairwx on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook so I can see them too. I’m excited to see what you come up with!

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links, which means that I’d make a small commission if you buy anything using them, at no cost to you. This helps me to keep making the free content you love! 

Bullet Journal with Sea Lemon – What’s Your Whimsy?

The first episode of my newest video series just launched! It’s called ‘What’s Your Whimsy?’ and it’s an interview show where I chat with my guests about their biggest hobby, obsession, or enthusiasm. This idea gives me an opportunity to hear what my fellow creators are most excited about! For me, there’s something wonderful about hearing someone talk about their greatest passions in life.

For this video, I got to hear all about Bullet Journaling from Jennifer Bates of Sea Lemon! She has a wonderful DIY channel on YouTube and I’ve been watching her creative videos for years now. Here’s the episode!


Bullet Journaling is especially interesting to me because I get very easily deterred from using traditional planners. Since my creative work-from-home productivity style is relatively nontraditional, I end up skipping days or even weeks. Once there are empty pages in my printed planners, I get frustrated and stop using them. With bullet journaling, that isn’t an issue because they start with a blank page and you’re encouraged to design your setup as you go!

I had a lot of fun to collaborating with Jennifer in person, especially since we made a pair of videos together a few years back – only from opposite sides of the United States! We also filmed a video for her channel where she took me to her favorite fabric store in Phoenix, SAS Fabrics, and showed you everything we bought. You can watch that one here!

For inspiration and more information on bullet journaling, you can visit the official website at and check the #bulletjournal and #bujo hashtags on instagram!

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I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below or on social media (tag me @laurenfairwx on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook)! Do you bullet journal? And who would you like to see in a future episode of What’s Your Whimsy?

Why I Make Plushies: My Etsy Shop Story

Lately, lots of people have been asking about the origin of my etsy shop, Fairweather Friends. People are curious about why I decided to start making plushies of all things, so I turned on my camera and spoke for a little while about that topic!

I find it incredibly fascinating to hear about why makers gravitate towards certain mediums more than others and what makes them so excited to create the things they make. There are so many crafts out there! If you’re interested in hearing what drew me to plush-making, take a look at my newest video.


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I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below or on social media! What is your crafty medium of choice and what do you get most excited to make? Tag me @laurenfairwx on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

So many craft supplies at Creativation 2017!

Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to attend my first craft and hobby industry / trade event, Creativation 2017 in Phoenix, Arizona! I was a little nervous, since I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect or if I’d know anyone there. As soon as I arrived, it was clear that I was in the right place.

American Crafts booth at Creativation 2017

Creativation is mainly an event for crafty brands and companies to set up booths and share their latest products with the hope that attendees with retail shops would order some of them to sell in their stores. Since I was invited to go and document the event on social media, I figured that I would take the opportunity to meet the brands I love in person!

Here’s the video I made of the trip. I hope that you enjoy tagging along with me while I nerd-out about all of the gorgeous craft supplies!


In addition to participating in small classes they call “Make and Takes”, I looked around at the booths and introduced myself to as many people as I could. Everyone was just as excited about making things as I am and I was so inspired by all of the things they had on display!

read more…

“Lost and Found” – a Luna Lovegood song by Lauren Fairweather (feat. Jon Cozart)

When I was at NerdCon Nerdfighteria a few weeks ago, my friend Jon Cozart and I turned my newest wizard rock song into a duet! We recorded this video performance of the song, which is called “Lost and Found”. It’s from Luna Lovegood’s perspective, and since she’s my favorite character from the Harry Potter series, I’ve been very excited about it.


The audio from this performance is available on bandcamp if you’d like to download it! It’s free or pay what you want. Any money I make will eventually go towards producing a studio recording of the song.

If you liked this video, consider subscribing to my YouTube channel so you’ll be notified when I post a new one! Thanks for listening, as always.

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